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In the "BirchTank", we talk about current digitalization topics that impact us and the world of "new work". We talk about topics that we encounter in our daily lives, projects, business events and travels. We want to make complex topics tangible for everyone. Some articles are only available in German but feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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In addition to our book reviews on selected technical literature, we encounter topics in everyday life as well as on projects, business events, reports and travels.
Why do we write about them? To make complicated and complex topics tangible in a short and concise way.


The release of custom GPTs by OpenAI last November has empowered people and companies, from start-ups to global corporations, to create their own bespoke generative AI solutions. A custom GPT essentially lets you channel the power and expertise of ChatGPT in a really focused way, for example accessing career advice, or revising for an exam. They can be especially useful as a 'helper' for repetitive or complex tasks.



What's great about the user interface for creating GPTs is how easy they are to use. No prior knowledge of generative AI is necessary. You can simply say what you want to create and ChatGPT writes the prompts itself. The GPTs can optionally be customised afterwards to refine the focus. However, this is not absolutely necessary as they are ready to use straight away. ChatGPT even automatically generates a name and an icon for your GPT. Starting this week, you will also be able to showcase your GPTs in the "GPT Store".



Below you can see some examples of the GPTs that the 55BirchStreet team has been creating, to learn, to increase efficiency and in some cases just to have fun. If you have a ChatGPT Plus account, you can already try them out or start creating your own GPTs right away.

GPT: "Message Mentor"

Message Mentor is an innovative tool designed to assist in the crafting of messages and emails, particularly in situations that are complex or emotionally charged. It acts as a personal consultant, reviewing and enhancing communication to ensure it effectively meets its objectives.

Why it is useful: In today's fast-paced and often digital-first world, effective communication is key. Message Mentor is invaluable for anyone looking to refine their messaging, ensuring clarity and impact, especially in sensitive or critical scenarios. It empowers users by providing not just revised content, but also educational insights and advanced resources, enabling them to develop their skills for future communications. 

Who it is for: Message Mentor enhances communication for diverse users, guiding them in complex scenarios, from delicate emails to critical proposals. In today's fast-paced digital world, it ensures clarity and impact, providing refined content and educational insights for improved communication skills.

GPT: "Change Agent"

Change Agent is a specialized GPT tool designed to act as a catalyst for organizational change and transformation. The tool methodically guides users through a series of questions and then delves into its extensive knowledge base to recommend best practices tailored to the user's unique context.

Why it is useful: Change Agent tailors data-backed solutions for personalized organizational transformation. It adapts recommen-dations based on user inputs, making it valuable for professionals in diverse industries. It identifies effective change management strategies aligned with organizational culture and personal preferences, crucial for successful and sustainable changes.

Who it is for: Ideal for business leaders, project managers, change agents, and those driving organizational transformation. Relevant for startups to multinational corporations, it provides insights and strategies to navigate organizational change complexities. Particularly beneficial for aligning new initiatives with existing cultural and operational paradigms, offering innovative yet practical solutions to transformation challenges.

GPT: "Career Navigator"

Career Navigator is a comprehensive tool designed for career skill assessment and strategy development. Based on a CV and a few well-chosen questions, Career Navigator helps explore potential directions, and provides feedback on users' strengths and areas for improvement.

Why it is useful: Career Navigator offers a personalized approach, considering the user's skills, experience, and career goals for a tailored development path. It provides a structured yet flexible framework, ensuring users focus on critical areas for growth and success.

Who it is for: Ideal for professionals at any career stage, from early employees to seasoned executives seeking career refinement or transition. Particularly valuable for those needing a clear strategy to bridge skill gaps for desired roles, serving as a personal career coach with guidance, resources, and continuous support for proactive development.

GPT: "Scrum Trainer"

Lucas Pinnacle, your virtual SCRUM Coach, makes learning for the SCRUM Master Certification exam engaging and fun. Using humor, relatable analogies, and emojis, Lucas transforms complex SCRUM concepts into enjoyable learning experiences.

Why it is useful: Scrum Trainer keeps learners engaged with a unique blend of humor and professionalism. It's perfect for those who prefer interactive and informal learning while ensuring accurate and essential SCRUM knowledge.

Who it is for: Ideal for aspiring SCRUM Masters, especially young professionals or those who appreciate a more casual learning approach. Lucas sticks to the provided transcripts for accuracy, making it a reliable educational tool.

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